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Harry A. Grosse, CFA is the Founder and Managing Principal of Mercury Global Financial Solutions, LLC. MGFS is a financial services firm that provides asset management, financial advisory and investment process consulting to institutions, financial professionals and individuals to help them develop methodologies and investment programs to achieve better outcomes.

Harry started in 1987 as a quantitative research analyst, building financial models and customizing asset management processes for investment subsidiaries of Bank of New York Mellon. He also worked at Morningstar in Chicago as a member of their global quantitative research team where he developed signals and investment strategies using fundamental, statistical and machine learning techniques. Harry has a long track record of creating stock valuation, mutual fund selection, risk attribution models and macro based beta strategies that produce significant risk adjusted returns. In addition, he has expertise in portfolio management, tax managed strategies, optimization, risk metrics, portfolio analytics, quantitative methods and database design.

Harry attended University of Pittsburgh where he received his undergraduate in Computer Science with minor in Economics, and then attended Duquesne University, graduating with an MBA in 1990. He earned his CFA in 1996. Harry a member of CFA Society of Pittsburgh, QWAFAFEW Pittsburgh Steering Committee and Chicago Quantitative Alliance.

Harry’s email is Comments, inquiries, and questions about this site or the business are always welcome.